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A Welcome from London Mayor
Nowhere in the world can rival London as a place to study. It has a combination of academic excellence, a rich artistic and cultural and heritage and is positioned at centre of global business. London also has diversity and vibrancy that means anyone from anywhere can feel at home here. No wonder that more international students study here than in any other city, including New York and Sydney. London truly is the world's knowledge capital.

London is the international centre for higher education. Its 42 universities range from established, multi-faceted institution offering a range of world-class courses, through teaching hospitals and medical school with global reputations, to renowned specialist art, drama, design and music academies. Graduates from London dominate the world of fashion and art - Damien Hirst ,Stella McCartney and Ozwald Boateng to name but a few. And there few cities where you can match what you learn in the lecture hall with opportunities to match theory and practice. London is the world's greatest financial and business centre. London has over 480 overseas banks - more than any other city in the world. If you are studying law or politics you will have easy access to Parliament and law courts. With over 300 languages spoken here , there are few communities that are not represented in London. As a London student you can enjoy festival and celebration including the Noting Hill Carnival and Chinese New Year, is music, film, art, sport or design, you will be able to experience the wide variety of attractions and event London has to offer. Entrance to over seventy museums and galleries in London is free, and will recognize many famous landmarks from the movies as you travel around the city. I hope you enjoy reading this brochure and finding out more about what our great city has to offer. If you do decide to come and study in London, you will have the chance to benefit from a world-class education in a world-class city. We look forward to welcome you. 

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