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Suspension of sponsors' licences of UK institutions by UKBA
There are many UK institutions, mainly UK Private colleges, have been affected from the recent action by UKBA (UK Boarder Agency). This action led to suspension of sponsors' licences of these institutions. Many sources confirmed that around 100 colleges have been affected and this will have much wider impact on how UKBA would like to play its rule in controlling the international students market in the UK.

This has so far spread like a wild-fire, leaving institutions baffled, students with greater worries about their futures and no one knows where to turn to for a fair advice.
If you or your friends are affected from this action, you can contact us on info@click4london.com .

UKBA, British Council or Education UK , British Accreditation Council (BAC), ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges) have not yet published any information to assist International Students in this crisis. However, UKCISA (UK Council for International Students Affair) have come up with guidelines to support International Students in this crisis.

If you are affected from this situation; please email us on info@click4london.com
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